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Traceability labels & tags                                                          

Traceability labels and tags also known as track and trace labels, work in progress (WIP) labels and outer case marker (OCM) labels, come in many different types depending on what goods need to be traced and the traceability system used.

We make traceability labels and tags to your specification. The best traceability label and tag solutions will be customised to meet your exact needs; these may include:

  • Metal detectable materials that can be used throughout the food manufacturing process to maintain food safety standards
  • Customised loop lock tags to fit your trays and containers exactly, making application and removal quick and easy
  • Thermal materials that can be overprinted with a range of traceability data direct from your standalone printers.
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Applications where traceability tags may be used

Tracing allergens

Metal detectable allergen tags can be used to trace allergens through every stage of the food production process to ensure complete traceability

Traceability through the supply chain

Carcase tags are used in the raw meat industry at the start of the supply chain to ensure that each animal can be traced back to its origin

Authenticating medicines

Sequentially numbered tamper evident seals have a dual purpose; they guarantee security of supply as well as ensuring medicines can be traced back to their production source

We can advise on the traceability labels & tags for your business

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