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Temperature resistant labels & tags                                      

Temperature resistant labels and tags, also known as ovenable labels, high temperature labels, heat resistant labels and freeze resistant labels, are predominantly used in food manufacturing environments. They are primarily used to maintain traceability of ingredients and allergens throughout the manufacturing process.

We make temperature resistant labels and tags to your specification. The best heat resistant label and tag solutions will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Special face materials and adhesives that are stable at high temperature, so traceability can be maintained even through the cooking process
  • Adhesives that can withstand your freezing process and are guaranteed to remain intact
  • Thermal materials that can be overprinted and maintain legibility whatever operational process you put them through.


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Where to use temperature resistant labels

High temperature processing

Ovenable tags can be attached to wire oven trays to maintain traceability information at every stage of the production process

Freezing temperatures

Freeze resistant labels or tags can be attached to trays or direct to packaged goods, to ensure use by dates etc remain legible even at low temperatures

Hot, wet, cold and damp environments

Whatever environment your traceability labels and tags need to endure we can customise a temperature resistant label to do the job.

We can advise on the temperature resistant labels for your business

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