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Delivery labels & tags

Delivery labels and tags, also known as distribution tags, despatch tags and distribution labels, are widely used across the food manufacturing and retailing sectors, and by logistics companies. In fact, any business that needs to get products, parts or ingredients from A to B, is likely to use delivery labels of some sort.

We make delivery labels and tags to your specification. The perfect delivery labelling solution will be customised to meet your exact requirements; your specification may include:

  • Delivery tags made from thermal materials to work with your direct thermal or thermal transfer printers
  • Customised tag shapes, sizes and fixing techniques to fit your delivery trays, pallets, cages and cartons perfectly
  • Removable adhesives or water dispersible labels to help speed up removal of used labels
  • Branded labels and tags to ensure your quality products stand out from your competitors.
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Why make the switch from labels to tags?

Loop lock tags don’t fall off

Since loop lock tags don’t fall off, they can be relied upon to get your goods to the right destination,avoiding lost or misdirected stock and so saving you money

Loop tags keep your delivery trays clean

With loop tags you get no sticky label adhesive residue to remove from delivery trays and cages which means your delivery equipment lasts longer; saving you money

Tags are quicker & easier to remove

Quick release self-tie delivery tags take seconds to remove cleanly, saving you time and eliminating costly clean-up of your factory floor.

We can advise on the delivery labels & tags for your business

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