Contingency Planning for Coronavirus


We hope that you are keeping safe and well.  

Our manufacturing operation continues to run at normal capacity, with social distancing and other safety measures in place. Plus most of our sales and administration team continue to work from home.

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Progress towards environmentally friendly labels & tags

Consumers have long called for companies to demonstrate their green credentials. Today this demand extends into every area of business, even down to the humble traceability tag, delivery label, pack-front label or promotional loyalty stamp.

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Printed versus hand written traceability tags

Supplier traceability audits are a permanent feature for food manufacturers and processors, especially if you deal with the major food retailers. Correct traceability labelling is crucial where various ingredients are mixed together to create ready-meals and the like, especially where more than one allergen is added.

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Advantages of self-adhesive traceability tags

Traceability labels are used across many industry sectors to keep track of ingredients, parts, or finished products, throughout the operational process and onwards to the end customer.

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Five reasons to choose Piroto for high volume loyalty & reward stamps

Are loyalty stamps still valid in today’s digital world? 

Whether you are developing a long term loyalty programme for your client or managing a short-term consumer promotion, traditional collectable reward stamps still have a part to play.

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Will the BPA ban affect your thermal labels and tickets?

In response to research into the effects of Bisphenol A (BPA), the EU decided to restrict its use in 2016; the legislation comes into effect on 1st January 2020.

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Good warehouse labelling aids efficiency

Even for small manufacturing and distribution operations, running an efficient warehouse is essential. If it’s difficult for the warehouse team to identify products, there is a real danger that customers could receive incorrect orders or perishable stock may go out of date if it hasn’t been properly rotated.

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The future of QR code labels

A report published by Future Market Insights (FMI) early in 2019 predicts a shift away from one dimensional (1D) barcode labels to two dimensional (2D) codes, specifically QR code labels, in the next eight to ten years.

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Creating the perfect barcode label

What is a barcode?Simply put barcodes are printed symbols that contain machine-readable data. According to GS1 UK, a not-for-profit consortium that sets barcode standards, the idea of the barcode was conceived in 1948.

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Even more reasons to use Piroto Labelling!

In 2015 we launched our marketing campaign – 52,056 Reasons to use Piroto Labelling. At that time research showed us that, whilst customer satisfaction level were extremely high, our customers didn’t seem to know the extent of our  labelling repertoire.

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